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The selected suture should match the sewed piece

2020-02-18 10:12:31

1. The selected sewing machine should match the sewed piece

The thread used to sew clothes is called suture. The color of the suture used to sew the sweater shall be the same as the color of the desired sewing piece. Otherwise, the appearance of the sweater will be affected when the suture is exposed. For jacquard products color matching products, the color with a large proportion of stitches is generally selected as the color of stitches, while for individual woolen sweaters with stitches as decoration, the color of stitches can be selected according to their needs. The thickness of the suture also has a great influence on the sewing quality. It should be determined according to the thickness of the wool yarn, the selected sewing equipment, method the stitch density. When it is too thick, it is difficult to sew. When it is too thin, its appearance fastness are affected. Generally, in order to sew smoothly, the suture is better than the wool yarn the same thickness. In order to ensure that in the long wearing process, the function color of the clothing piece suture are consistent, it is required that the suture material should be the same similar to the clothing piece material. Other stitches shall have high strength strength uniformity, with smooth appearance even fineness, moderate even twist, soft elastic. The suture shall be tightly wound, lubricated free of burrs, knots scratches to reduce broken ends broken needles.

2. The stitching should be flat show the style features

Stitching refers to the stitching formed by the connection of stitches. Because of the large extensibility, elasticity certain detachability of the woolen sweater piece, it is necessary to the stitching when sewing the piece to have the extensibility elasticity suitable for the piece to be sewn the part to be sewn, to prevent the coil at the edge of the piece detaching. When stitching, the alignment between the garment pieces shall be accurate according to the marks. The stitching should be flat noticeable. When machine sewing is selected, the top thread bottom thread are moderately loose, so that the garment piece does wrinkle has small deformation. The density of stitches shall be greater than equal to the density of the stitched piece, the density shall be uniform without pinholes. When the seam end needs to be reinforced, it shall be reinforced by turning back, the thread end shall be hooked into the garment piece to make the appearance neat without thread end. In addition, the style shape of the sweater depend only on the shape of the garment piece, but also on the stitching matching with it. This requires that the stitching position should be correct, the transition should be smooth, the tightness should meet the modeling requirements reflect the planning purpose.

3. The stitching should have enough fastness

The so-called stitching fastness refers to the service life of the sweater after repeated stretching conflict in the wearing process, the stitches are damaged. The seam fastness is affected by the seam structure the elasticity of the suture, especially in the parts that are often stretched in the wearing process, the elastic seam structure suture must be used to ensure that the suture will be broken the suture will be cut off during use. The wear resistance of the stitches also has a great influence on the fastness of the stitches. When wearing the sweater, almost all the stitches will be subject to conflict, especially the parts with large stretch. The conflict between sewing material suture, human body underwear suture is more frequent. It has been proved that most of the damage of stitches is caused by grinding the broken stitches, so the stitches must be wear-resistant.

Standard selection of nesting car:

The seaming shall be carried out on the cardigan sewing machine. The machine number of the sewing machine shall match the machine number of the cardigan knitting machine. When selecting the machine number of the sewing machine, please refer to the following table. In the process of seaming, the horizontal stitching loss is 2-3 rows the vertical stitching loss is 1-2 stitches. When sewing wool sweater, a 28 × 2tex-31 × 2tex worsted yarn of the same color is often used as the suture; when sewing chemical fiber products, the fabric is often used as the suture. There shall be no inclination of needle pattern overlap of needle. Here it is used for shoulder closing sleeve fitting. The elongation of the shoulder seam shall be greater than 110%, that of the hanging shoulder seam shall be greater than 130%.

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