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Common problems of the nesting machine

2020-03-19 15:37:03

What is the power of the nesting machine?

About 1.5kw

What standard development plan is used for the nesting machine?

1. the development plan of standard die of sewing machine;

2. Exquisite silent, less wear tear of parts, outstanding lubrication system;

3. Each machine shall be debugged qualified by the installation workers, i.e. ready to use;

4. The appearance conforms to the fashion planning, with exquisite wear-resistant paint;

The main reason for the jumper of the seaming machine is the seaming machine needle

1. If the needle is used for a long time, it will be bald. If it has burrs by hand, it can be polished quietly with abrasive cloth until it is lubricated continuously.

2. If the needle position is concave convex, push the needle onto the needle groove, press it by hand, install it too high too low the needle groove.

3. If hit a needle, see if the needle is bent. If it is deformed, change the needle.

Tongxiang taoshen Machinery Co., Ltd. is a knitting machinery technology R & D manufacturing company. Our products, 3g-22g, have been distributed to several important woolen sweater production bases all over the country overseas, are well received by the majority of users. We have a professional technical team, in many years of practical experience of continuous innovation development, to ensure that our products in technology quality in the forefront of the industry. We will be arrogant impetuous, continue to work hard to create satisfactory products services for the majority of users.

Tongxiang taoshen Machinery Co., Ltd., through entrepreneurship, wind rain receiving goods. "Taoshenren" has gone through a struggle paved with hard work sweat. Although it has experienced ups downs, it has always kept its progress development. Wanli Guanshan has gone the beginning to the end. It is the right time to ride the wind break through the waves. Today's concept of "taoshen" development is more mature, the pace of progress is steady calm, a charming "taoshen" is vividly presented in front of us!

Common problems of the nesting machine


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Address: No. 398, Hengye Road, Puyuan Industrial Park, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Website: www.taoshenjx.com

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