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Tongxiang Taoshen Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Address: No. 398, Hengye Road, Puyuan Industrial Park, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang

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Walk into taoshen, work together to create a better tomorrow

2020-03-21 15:53:47

Tongxiang taoshen Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Puyuan, Jiaxing, China. As the production base of woolen sweater, Puyuan won the honorary titles of "China's famous woolen sweater town", "China's famous market town" "China's textile garment business has been out of the market for 20 years" due to the development of woolen knitting industry.

Tongxiang taoshen Machinery Co., Ltd. is a knitting machinery technology R & D manufacturing company. Our products, 3g-22g, have been distributed to several important woolen sweater production bases all over the country overseas, are well received by the majority of users. We have a professional technical team, in many years of practical experience of continuous innovation development, to ensure that our products in technology quality in the forefront of the industry. We will be arrogant impetuous, continue to work hard to create satisfactory products services for the majority of users.

BaoJianFeng whets, plum blossom fragrance comes bitter cold.

Tongxiang taoshen Machinery Co., Ltd., through entrepreneurship, wind rain receiving goods. "Taoshenren" has gone through a struggle paved with hard work sweat. Although it has experienced ups downs, it has always kept its progress development. Wanli Guanshan has gone the beginning to the end. It is the right time to ride the wind break through the waves. Today's concept of "taoshen" development is more mature, the pace of progress is steady calm, a charming "taoshen" is vividly presented in front of us!

The pursuit of taoshen: making brand, creating brand, maintaining brand developing brand are the core strategies of taoshen. Through high-level work quality, high-level staff quality high-level service object, the enterprise continuously improves the vitality, influence reputation of the brand.

Set God to abide by: "quality credibility. Under the guidance of this spirit, we have won the market, the good reputation the development of the enterprise with our good quality reputation considerate service attitude.

Taoshen care: public trust, customer growth, support help customers improve value are taoshen's mission, common development shared success are taoshen's wings. Taoshen has gained benefits the trust of customers yesterday. It is this kind of trust that supports taoshen today encourages taoshen to move towards a brilliant tomorrow.

Taoshen believes that every employee has his her own professional intelligence is a precious resource of taoshen. "Application is talent, there is talent position" is the employment concept of taoshen, which provides you with a broad stage for talent implementation.

Taoshen stressed that we should work together, get along with each other win-win harmony. Taoshen people come all over the world. They have different cultural backgrounds, living habits, values, service principles life experiences. But we care about each other respect each other. We work together happily. We are diligent in study brave in innovation. Taoshen is a high-quality efficient work team, taoshen is a happy family.

Welcome to the continuing business of taoshen, we will create value, have wealth, enjoy happiness win honor. Here, we will build brilliance realize our dreams.

Here, let's work together to create a better tomorrow!

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Address: No. 398, Hengye Road, Puyuan Industrial Park, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Website: www.taoshenjx.com

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