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The function of automatic sewing machine

2020-03-21 16:11:51

Automatic sewing machine is the abbreviation of disc sewing machine, commonly known as "seaming machine", which uses suture to sew sweater. With the help of sewing machine, the knitting work of sweater can be completed efficiently quickly, the working efficiency can be greatly improved. The main products are lace machine, ultrasonic lace machine, embossing machine, knurling machine, tablecloth lace machine, tablecloth lace machine, curtain lace machine, gift bag lace machine, hair ornament lace machine, reflective belt lace machine, reflective belt embossing machine, underwear lace machine, shower curtain embossing machine, clothing accessories lace machine

The function of sewing machine

It is a medical health textile made of chemical fiber including polyester, polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene, carbon fiber glass fiber. Compared with the traditional pure cotton medical textile, the medical non-woven fabric has the characteristics of high filtration to bacteria, dust, low surgical infection rate, convenient disinfection of bacteria, easy to match with other materials, etc.; while the non-woven medical fabric As disposable products after use, it is only convenient, safe sanitary, but also can effectively prevent bacterial infection iatrogenic cross infection. Because non-woven fabric is widely used in the production of raw materials for medical protective products, its finished products include: disposable masks, protective clothing, surgical clothing, isolation clothing, experimental clothing, nurse hat, surgical hat, doctor hat, surgery clothing Sewing of disposable medical consumables such as bag, maternity bag, first aid bag, diaper, pillow case, bed sheet, quilt cover, shoe cover, etc. The product is mainly used by doctors during the operation to prevent pollution infection, can also be used in scientific research, laboratory other sterile environment.

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Principle of sewing machine


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Address: No. 398, Hengye Road, Puyuan Industrial Park, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Website: www.taoshenjx.com

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