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High quality sewing machine

High quality sewing machine

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  • Release date:2020-03-30 14:58:44
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The sewing machine is also known as the dial sewing machine, commonly known as the sewing machine. It is used to sew the sweater.

1、 Curved needle sewing machine, which is widely sold in the market is the curved needle sewing machine, also the curved needle sewing machine is widely used. The curved needle sewing machine is cheap, simple in operation maintenance, high in production efficiency, widely favored by consumers;

The other is the straight needle sewing disc machine, which is characterized by changing the traditional connecting rod structure of the disc sewing machine in the past. All parts are driven by cam mode, the whole machine is easy to deform. The straight big needle has strong penetration. It is especially suitable for thick sewing, wearing breaking fabrics. The price is higher than that of the bent needle;

Third, automatic sewing machine, automatic sewing machine, sewing machine is high standard, high efficiency sweater fast sewing machine, stable structure, low failure rate;

The fourth is the straight sewing disc machine. This kind of sewing machine is good for sewing straight seams. The upper collar can't be solved. It has basically the same function as the above-mentioned automatic sewing machine;

How much is the flat sewing machine



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Address: No. 398, Hengye Road, Puyuan Industrial Park, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang


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